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We are Mono B.

Athleisure for Everybody for Athleisure.

The broad definition of "athleisure" is apparel that resembles active or performance wear but can be worn outside of sport activities, and that is exactly what Mono B athleisure is about.

From Sleep to Street. Literally.
Athleisure is the true versatile wear, whether for lounging (who doesn't love being horizontal and stationary), doing chores (is it laundry day already?), meditating (breathe in, breathe out), hiking (conquer those terrains!), or doing an obstacle race (a little bit of mud won't hurt us!).  

Some items are bolder than others, making it easier to dress based on your personality and mood. Some items were designed for high-intensity activities, whilst some are for chillaxing. 

However and whenever you wear it, nothing beats the functionality and fashion-friendliness of Mono B athleisure.  

Find your balance.

One aspect we've discovered about balance is that it doesn't have to be comprised of only two items and the amount of each part doesn't have to be equal to one another.

Too much work and no play? Not a good idea. Too much play and no work? Tempting, but also not a good idea.

Balance is the philosophy Mono B adopts when we design and craft our athleisure.

Fashion Retailer's Best-Kept Secret.

Mono B was first established in 2010, producing young contemporary clothing. In 2015, Mono B started producing activewear to fill the market's need for trendy, functional, and affordable active apparel.

For the past decade, Mono B has supplied apparel for women and men to thousands of stores across the US and abroad, from small, independent shops to giant retailers and gyms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

And get answers for your inquiring, shop-savvy minds.

Where are you based?

We're based in the heart of the bustling fashion district of Los Angeles, CA. This is also where every Mono B athleisure piece is designed.

Any collab opportunities?

Yes! We're always open to any suggestions to collaborate, whether it's with other companies or individuals! Find out more about what Mono B and you can do together here.

How long does it take to ship?

It normally takes between two and three business days to ship, and your package's arrival time varies depending on the mailer you choose when you check out.

Please note that as of right now, we only ship within the US.

How sustainable are you?

Honestly? Not as sustainable as we'd like to be. At least not yet. But we are working hard at it. Head over to our Sustainability Page for more information.

What abour your returns?

We understand that returns are part of the shopping experience and we try to make it as seamless and convenient as possible through our paperless returns portal. Click here for our returns policy.

I saw the prices. That can't be right.

Mono B takes pride in filling in the need of fashionable, functionable athleisure at the right price. We've hit that sweet spot of that trifecta. We've literally found our balance. 

And remember, we also love discounts! Check our Promos & Coupon Codes page often for deals.